~Live At The Amadeus 2022

In the vibrant heart of West London lies a hidden gem, The Amadeus, a venue that played host to a mesmerising series of concerts in 2022. Curated by the talented Gus Robertson (former Amadeus general manager), the “Live at The Amadeus” series brought together some of London’s finest musicians for five unforgettable evenings filled with blues, jazz, gypsy melodies, gospel tunes, and spiritual rhythms and rhyme. With the added allure of Black Cow Vodka cocktails and top-notch AV support from Redcat Lighting and Rigs and Gigs London, these concerts were nothing short of extraordinary.


Let’s dive into the musical magic that unfolded during this series:


1st Act: Ma Su ‘n Redberry (Friday, 4th March)

Ma Su ‘n Redberry kicked off the series with a captivating performance that left the audience spellbound. With steel guitars, golden vocals, honky-tonk pianos, rocking chairs, and boa-constrictor tambourines, their music took listeners on a transportive journey. As their tap-shod feet shuffled rhythms on a sand-strewn floor, everyone fortunate enough to be in attendance experienced a mesmerising musical voyage.


2nd Act: Ed Harcourt (Friday, 1st April)

Ed Harcourt, a true English gent and a celebrated songwriter, graced the stage in April. His extensive collaborations spanned from Paloma Faith to Marianne Faithfull, and he has shared the stage with iconic bands like Patti Smith, REM, and Neil Finn. Ed’s performance was a testament to his versatility and artistry.


3rd Act: Madeleine Rose Witney (Friday, 22nd April)


Madeleine Rose Witney, a masterful storyteller, took the audience on a seamless journey through various musical styles. From soulful blues to the rhythms of New Orleans and the swing of the jazz era, Madeleine’s performance was a delightful exploration of musical genres, both classic and contemporary.


4th Act: Miss Baby Sol (Friday, 20th May)


Miss Baby Sol, a Congolese-born British singer/songwriter, graced the stage in May. Her extensive work across genres like dance, electronic, folk, hip hop, house, indie rock, jazz, rap, and soul showcased her incredible range. Her dynamic and captivating performance was a true highlight of the series.


5th Act: London Django Collective (10th June)

Closing the series with a bang, the London Django Collective paid tribute to the musical legacy of Django Reinhardt. Comprising some of London’s finest musicians, the collective breathed new life into classic repertoire while introducing original compositions into the mix. The result was an exciting fusion of styles, highlighting the diverse talents of each member.


The London Django Collective featured violinist Matt Holborn, guitarists Harry Diplock, Kourosh Kanani, and Robin Katz, and double bassist Pete Thomas. Their performance was a fitting finale to an incredible series that celebrated the rich tapestry of music and talent in London.


“Live at The Amadeus” was a testament to the power of music to transport, transform, and unite. These concerts brought together artists from diverse backgrounds and genres, creating unforgettable moments for everyone lucky enough to attend. The Amadeus, with its intimate setting and welcoming ambiance, proved to be the perfect backdrop for these musical journeys. It’s safe to say that this series left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to be part of this musical adventure. We can’t wait to host more concerts!