~Ownership of the Amadeus~  

The former Methodist chapel at 50 Shirland Road was bought over 30 years ago by Subud, a worldwide association of people who gather to follow the latihan kejiwaan, which means ‘spiritual training’ in Indonesian. Subud members create room for this experience by temporarily quietening their thoughts and feelings. Subud is not a religion, but can be practised alongside any religion. It has no leaders, teachers, or doctrines, but furthers the development of each person’s inner self so that they can find their own connection with the divine.

Subud’s main purpose in acquiring The Amadeus was and is to provide such a place of worship for Subud members. The latihan kejiwaan is an individual practice engaged in communally by a men’s group and a women’s group who worship separately, preferably at the same time. As the latihan typically involves both vocalisation and movement, Subud members require large, secure, uncluttered, well-insulated spaces for their practice.

When not being used for latihan, The Amadeus is a venue for wedding receptions, orchestra rehearsals, dance classes, children’s activities, memorial services, and other events. Subud Britain (SB) is a registered charity (no. 233282). All profits from The Amadeus, as well as a monthly rent, are paid to SB to support the national and international Subud organisations, and Subud’s global charitable work.